Picardie Glassware - the Green Alternative for Kids - Avoid Spills and Plastics

Picardie - Green Alternative Glassware for Kids
Picardie Tumblers

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Picardie Glassware - The Green Alternative for Kids - Avoid Spills and Plastics

New for 4th qtr 2009

New Castle, DE - August 2009 - Picardie Tumblers, faceted, easy-to-grasp drinking glasses have been the primary drinking glass for children in France for decades in both homes and school cafeterias. These crystal clear, dishwasher and microwave safe drinking glasses are now available in America and are a green alternative to plastic drinking glasses.

The Picardie tumblers are solid and won’t topple over easily even when bumped as a plastic cup will. The tempered glass is BPA and PVC free. There is absolutely no chemical leaching. The Picardie glasses are made from tempered glass which is 4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass so it can withstand heating and cooling changes and it is shock resistant.

With a track record of success in French cafeterias, this glassware is a must-have for the active American child. It is easy to hold and the faceted sides give kids the extra grip they need. They are extremely tough and durable, and with even a little bit of care will last for decades without breaking or chipping. It is highly likely that the toddler drinking out of a Picardie today will be drinking out of the same Picardie tumbler as he goes off to college.

The tempered glass is non-porous so it does not retain odors, scratch or stain. There are 8 sizes ranging from 3.25 ounces to nearly 17 ounces. The most popular kid size is just under 6 ounces and the next most popular size for kids is about 8 ounces.

Duralex International SAS has been manufacturing drinking glasses in France for more then 80 years and was the inventor of tempered glass in 1939. It is the only glass manufacturing company that manufacturers all of its products in France. The Picardie tumbler,are manufactured in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin near Orleans, France.