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The Duralex is available and recommended for commercial use. Picardie glasses are recognized throughout Europe, and remain the icon of French taverns, bistros and inns, as all Frenchmen and Frenchwomen grew up with Picardie glasses in their homes, school cafeterias and restaurants. They are used for coffee, wine and as all-purpose drinking glasses. Not only is the shape a classic design, they fit in the hand beautifully and easily.

Duralex glassware is extremely tough and durable, exhibit amazing thermal and mechanical shock properties, and will last for years without breaking or chipping. Duralex glassware, a much deeper line than just the Picardie Tumblers, go in the dishwasher and because of their high quality, maintain a brand-new appearance for years. The tempered glass is non-porous so it does not retain odors, scratch or stain. There are 8 sizes ranging from 3.25 ounces to nearly 17 ounces.

Duralex International SAS has been manufacturing drinking glasses in France for more than 80 years and was the inventor of tempered glass in 1939. It is the only glass manufacturing company that manufacturers all of its products in France.
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